General Brief


The Palestinian Union for small and Microfinance “SHARAKA” is a non-profit Association that was established in 2002 to form an assemblage of micro finance institutions and programs that aim to provide lending and financial services for small enterprises. The Union is dedicated to support for the growth of microfinance industry in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, Specially that micro finance sector is considered one of the most powerful tools for economic development.

Sharaka is recognized  as the representative of the communication channel between the Palestinian and international stakeholders, as it serves as a link between  Nine micro finance institutions; it coordinates  between them and, provide different projects and activities to their members to develop their capabilities, as well as being the active lobbyist on behalf of the microfinance sector and the body coordinating with the regulator PMA to enhance the regulatory environment of MFIs, help them to reach their goals by maintaining the financial viability and operational sustainability.  


leading a sustainable small and microfinance sector as an integral part of the national financial system; while ensuring inclusion of the un-bankable and economically active Palestinians.


    Microfinance institutions serve as a tool to eradicate poverty through providing small loans to economically active and           low income people, farmers and small enterprises


Sharaka is guided by members’ commitment to best practices, transparency, accountability, equity, responsibility towards their clients, and commitment to poverty reduction and financial client protection. 


  • Serve as a link between member MFIs and key stakeholders involved in the promotion of microfinance.
  • Continuously build members capacity for effective and efficient service delivery and sharing of experience and best practices.
  • Continuously facilitate networking growth among members.