Sharakeh will continue to lead the public dialogue to promote a positive and conducive microfinance environment for its members and other stakeholders operating in the sector.  Sharakeh endeavors to be a positive influence for the development of the microfinance sector in Palestine by working with all stakeholders, including government, donors, practitioners & beneficiaries to promote the adherence and application of industry standards and practices.

Government Liaison 

Sharakeh will develop and maintain a regular relationship with key government and regulatory authorities, so as to continuously identify current and potential issues, and liaise between members and the authorities to find solutions. During the early part of the plan period, this will be especially important for the implementation of the new PMA law and regulations pertaining to microfinance institutions, which will include advising and representing members on steps to comply with the regulations.

Sharakeh will seek out opportunities to work with other participants in the financial sector, addressing common issues and problems.  For example, Sharakeh will explore opportunities to coordinate with the Banker’s Association and the government in the development of a registry for moveable and immoveable property and will explore options for an apex facility that would provide investments to the broader sector.

Donor Coordination

Sharakeh will proactively work with donors to coordinate their activities with its members and across the industry more broadly, using the Steering Committee as an already established coordinating mechanism.  The network will offer its facilities and services for donor events that benefit its membership and will encourage donors to coordinate with Sharakeh on events and activities that will have potentially broad sector impact.  Sharakeh will proactively seek out new and existing donors to discuss Sharakeh’s role in the industry and the benefits of working with the association when addressing sector-wide issues.

In an effort to increase donor coordination, marketing materials will be developed and delivered to potential and existing donors. These will be designed to help them understand Sharakeh’s role in the sector and the benefits of working with Sharakeh when interacting with more than one member.  Materials will also be developed for promoting Sharakeh more broadly in its fund raising efforts.