Member Support Services

Specialized Training Courses

Sharakeh will work with its members to identify their common capacity building needs and develop specialized, high quality training courses on a range of issues and topics.

Access to Financing

As MFIs begin to focus on greater commercialization in Palestine, Sharakeh has an important role to play in supporting access by its members to new sources of more commercially oriented funding.

Sharakeh will begin by creating a database of country, regional and global investors or microfinance investment vehicles (MIVs) that are interested in investing in Palestine. This resource will include information on investment strategies and criteria, terms and conditions, parallel technical assistance support, guarantee facilities for leveraging local debt that MFIs can easily access.

It will also work towards establishing linkages between investors and its members by providing individual briefings on the investment climate, clarifying industry terminology and investment requirements, producing relevant up to date sector studies and reports tailored to the needs of investors; and being the primary source of up to date information on MFI social and financial performance data.

Finally, Sharakeh will use its annual conferences and events to bring its member together with investors. These forums provide opportunities for open networking, as well as for specialized events aimed at matching their members with investors who share similar goals and investment objectives.