Information Dissemination

Annual Conference

Sharakeh will sponsor microfinance conferences designed to bring the broadest range of stakeholders together to benefit from discussions and presentations on current topics and national, regional, and international industry trends.  This is expected to be one of the main activities of the Network moving forward, as a complement to the Sanabel regional conference. 

Research and Publications

Sharakeh will undertake research activities, identified by members, designed to enhance sector knowledge and increase operational efficiencies and expand outreach.  This may include an updated microfinance demand survey, with more product specific analysis, or a poverty assessment that better identifies poverty levels where the working poor and at risk populations are concerned.

Public Promotion and Education

Sharakeh will continue to organize and implement public events designed to promote and educate the general public and stakeholders on microfinance in Palestine. These include workshops, exhibitions, conferences, and other special events.  Sharakeh staff will also continue to represent its members at local and international events, through the regional Arab network Sanabel, and the SEEP global network.

During this plan period, Sharakeh will identify opportunities for educating government officials and the general public about microfinance best practices, interest rate policies, lending methodologies, and other issues often misunderstood. It will lead its members in the development and delivery of an awareness raising campaign to help alleviate concerns and misinformation that lead to poor government policies or individuals not accessing microfinance. Sharakeh will also expand its media outlets by increasing the content and value of its website and expanding into social media networks, thus giving the network a broader potential audience and means for communicating with the public and stakeholders.

Coordination of Practitioner Exchange

Sharakeh will develop a stronger role in coordinating practitioner conversations about common operational and sector wide problems and issues, by forming both permanent and ad hoc working groups. Groups will be comprised of appropriate individuals representing member organizations for the particular operation or sector issue.  Group members will be from the relevant level (junior, middle, & senior level management).