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Palestine for Credit and development - FATEN was established in 1999 as a private non-profit company registered in the Palestinian Ministry of Economy and licensed by the Palestinian Monetary Authority (PMA) since May 2014.  FATEN’s main focus group are women and its mission is to empower low-income Palestinians, using high quality, diverse financial and non-financial services

VITAS was established in 2014 and It is an extension of Riyada Credit and Financial Services, which established in 1995 as one of the most important programs of the International Community Foundation (formerly CHF International).it specializes in the field of housing loans and microenterprise development loans in the Palestinian territories.

UNRWA’s microfinance department provides income-generating opportunities for Palestine refugees, as well as other poor or marginal groups who live and work near them.

It extends credit and complementary financial services to small-business owners, microenterprise entrepreneurs, and households. These investments sustain and create jobs, reduce poverty, and empower our clients, particularly women.

ASALA; the Palestinian Businesswomen’s Association has been actively providing loans to women since its establishment in 1997. ASALA targets impoverished and excluded Palestinian women in order to empower them and put them on a track that will lead to financial independence and stability.

Reef Finance seeks to integrate the Palestinian rural areas in the microfinance services in order to strengthen its developmental role through establishing the first Palestinian Rural Bank. Reef objectives is to Improve the living conditions of the Palestinian rural population, Participate in filling the financing gap in the rural areas, Elevate the level of financial services provided to the largest possible number of beneficiaries

Al Ebdaa Microfinance

PAL Banking institution

In 2014 ACAD Finance (ACADF) Company has been founded by ACAD NGO, which has decades of experience in servicing the population in Palestine, served the Palestinian market since 1988. ACAD NGO covers the entire West Bank and Gaza Strip with loans. The institution has managed to evolve from an agricultural focused institution to a diversified microfinance institution (MFI) with additional non-financial programs